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Ambient Wave Credenza (2013)

Materials Used: Sapele, Cherry, Walnut, Purple Heart, Hard Maple, and Maple Veneer Core Plywood

Special Features:

The Ambient Wave Credenza is a versatile piece that can serve any number of functions.  I designed the piece to be seen in the round, meaning that it could be viewed from all sides.  This will allow it to serve as a space divider in a loft apartment or sit in a hotel lobby.

The initial concept was to have textured panels framed in a very clean and linear framework.  As I moved forward with the idea, the thought occurred to me to use layered wood of different species in the panels to add visual interest.  The wood strips did not prove to be that interesting in and of themselves so I glued the panels up at a 37-degree angle.  By layering the wood in an angular manner and then texturing it I was able to create wavy lines out of solid wood.  This phenomenon occurs due to the fact that as the surface depth changes it changes the point in space at which the layers meet.  The entire textured surface is made up of approximately 55 strips of wood of varying thicknesses and the pattern is identical on every panel so that the eye can follow the lines around the piece.  The textured panels have a feel like that of worn river rock.

The inside of the piece features a central drawer bank flanked by adjustable shelves.  The doors themselves feature a lapped miter joint which provides strength as well as beauty.  The legs of the piece have a mitered curve that creates a radius in two planes.  The compound radius is accented with walnut trim.  The top makes use of the curve motif and adds a relief bevel.  I made the top out of two quartersawn Sapele boards that had some of the most exotic grain patterns I have ever seen.

The drawers slide on Blum under mount full extension soft-close slides.  The doors have Blum soft close 3-axis adjustable European cup hinges.  The interior drawer handles are made by the Mockett Company and recess when touched to reveal a pull handle and automatically spring closed when released.  The handles on the doors are made by the Richelieu Company

The dimensions are 61″ long, 22″ deep, and 34″ tall.  This piece can be customized with different woods, features, or dimensions.  No stain or color has been added.  The color in the photos is that of the natural wood.  A clear coat has been added to protect and enhance the wood’s natural beauty.