Terms & Policies

The "Fine" print

Spec. Pieces

Payment will be due in full for any non-commissioned piece prior to being shipped or released to customer.  At this time Geometric Innovations LLC only accepts cash and check.

Customer will be responsible for a $25 fee for any check returned insufficient funds.

Commissioned Work

Payment for commissioned work is typically due in two or more installments depending on the size and length of the project.  Usually half of the quoted price is due up front prior to commencing work in order to cover materials and labor with the remaining balance due upon completion and delivery.

If the project is exceptionally long, an agreement may be worked out with the customer in which weekly or bi-weekly installments are arranged to cover the ongoing work.

In either case the final payment will be due prior to the release of the completed project into the customer’s care.  The customer is not expected to produce final payment until the work is complete and delivered.  At this time Geometric Innovations only accepts cash or check.

Customer will be responsible for a $25 fee for any check that is returned insufficient funds.

Shipping & Delivery

Local Delivery:  All items sold in the metro Oklahoma City area will be delivered by Geometric Innovations LLC.  Geometric Innovations LLC may choose to personally deliver items outside of the Oklahoma City metro area on a case by case basis but a fee may apply depending on distance etc…

Domestic Shipping:  All items will be shipped using a standard carrier (such as USPS, UPS, or Fedex) unless the items must be crated or palletized for shipment in which case they may be sent by a common freight carrier.  Unless directly stated otherwise in the sale terms for the specific item you are purchasing, all items sold by Geometric Innovations will have shipping rates applied on top of the sale price.  The shipping costs will be calculated and agreed to by the buyer prior to the official sale of the item.  No item will be shipped until payment in full has been received.  Upon receipt of payment all items will be shipped promptly with insurance and tracking (if available).

International Shipping:  I am not opposed to shipping internationally but prefer to address each case individually as it arises.  Please contact me so we can discuss the potential options if you are an international buyer.

Return & Replacement Policy

An item can only be returned under certain conditions.

Damage During Shipment:  If an item is visually damaged from shipment make note of it to the delivery driver, filing a complaint of damaged goods and contact Geometric Innovations so that a claim can be pursued with the shipping company.  Items that have been properly documented as damaged during shipping will be returned at Geometric Innovations expense for a full refund.

30 Day Grace Period:  My goal is customer satisfaction.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase I will accept it back within 30 days of its delivery to you.  In order to return an item I must approve its return, it must be returned at your expense, in like new condition, properly packaged or crated, and undamaged by you prior to the return shipment journey.  All unwanted and undamaged returned items must be insured at your expense against damage and loss during return shipping.  If an item is returned damaged and the damage was the result of abuse or negligence by the buyer and not the shipper the refund may be less than full.  Please document the item thoroughly with photographs prior to returning so that any damage sustained on return trip can be documented as the shipper’s fault.  These photos will be helpful to determine when any damage may have occurred should a returned item arrive damaged.  Commissioned work is not subject to the 30 day grace period and will be considered a permanent sale unless the item arrives damaged in which case it may be returned under the Damaged During Shipment policy.

All items returned under the 30 day grace period will be charged a 30% restocking fee that will be subtracted from any possible refund.

The cost of any items being returned that are damaged by the shipper on the return journey and were not properly or fully insured for the return trip by the client will be subtracted from any potential refund due to the client.

International Returns:  Items shipped internationally do not have a 30 day grace period and are considered a permanent transaction unless the items arrive to the destination country damaged by shipment and can be documented by an insurance claim in which case they will receive the same treatment as domestic damaged items listed above.

Buyer’s Liability:  Once you sign to accept the item from the shipper you are responsible for losses and damages.  Please inspect your purchase thoroughly prior to accepting the item.  If it is damaged by the shipper please follow the directions listed above.  If internal damage is not found until uncrating the item please notify Geometric Innovations and the shipper immediately upon discovery of the damage.  If the delivery driver will not wait while you uncrate the item, sign the delivery receipt and write that the item has only been visually inspected and not uncrated at the point of signing the delivery receipt.

Replacement of Damaged Items:  Due to the custom nature of Geometric Innovations work, an item damaged during shipping and returned may not be able to be recreated in like manner. In some cases should the buyer still want the item and be willing to wait for it to be remade (if possible), Geometric Innovations may choose to do so but is not required to recreate an item.  If exact recreation is not possible or if Geometric Innovations should choose not to recreate the damaged item a full refund will be give for the returned damaged item including any shipping costs the buyer paid at the time of initial purchase.

Timing of Refunds:  No refund will be given on any returned item, damage or undamaged, until the item is back in Geometric Innovations possession.  Every effort will be made to timely handle all refunds once the item is returned and all claims are verified.


Geometric Innovations LLC and Jarrett Maxwell make every effort to design, build, and finish furniture that will last for generations.  We also consider the safety of the customers who purchase our products.

Geometric Innovations LLC and Jarrett Maxwell have limited their liability to the replacement of the original item sold or a refund of the original purchase price plus any shipping and handling that might be due.

We are not responsible for the improper use or maintenance of our products and any safety hazard that should arise there from.

Guarantee & Warranty

Wood is a natural material that is in constant movement with its environment.  As such it is vital that it be properly maintained and protected to ensure its survival.  Products made from wood should always be kept in a climate controlled environment.  It is the customer’s responsibility to properly care for and maintain the furniture items they purchase from Geometric Innovations.

Geometric Innovations makes every effort to design, build, and finish projects in such a way that they will last for generations.  Our goal is customer satisfaction and we want to know if any issues arise with an item we have sold.  If it appears that faulty craftsmanship or major design flaws have resulted in failure I will work with you on a case by case basis to remedy the issue.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by mold, fungi, wood boring insects, or incidental damages considered to be normal wear and tear, such as scratches, dents, dings, fading, sun damage, spills, water spots or rings, burns, or any damage appearing to be the result of improper use or maintenance whether intentional or not.