Materials Used: Purple Heart, Peruvian Walnut, African Sapele, American Cherry, American Walnut veneer, Cherry Veneer, Purple Heart veneer, Makore veneer, and Glass

Special Features:

This coffee table is constructed with a variety of luxury and exotic woods from around the world.  Each of the four legs consists of 18 pieces of wood joined together to create the beautiful color contrasts.  The bottom of the table consists of a straight grained cherry veneer that has exotic wood veneers inlaid inside of it using a technique known as marquetry.  The idea behind the circular patterns was to attempt to create the illusion of depth as when looking into water as bubbles are rising to the surface.  The table is finished with a marine grade spar varnish for beauty and protection and is topped by a 1/2″ sheet of starphire glass with chamferred edges.  No stain or color of any kind has been added.  The colors seen are the naturally occuring colors of the wood.

The table dimensions are 42″ x 39″ x 22″ tall