In today’s market place many people are concerned by the flow of jobs from America to other parts of the world.  This trend has affected most every industry, especially furniture manufacturing and the wood products industry.

In general we have found that domestically manufactured products such as plywood are of considerably higher quality than imported plywoods.  The cost of the domestic product is higher but the quality is often so much better that one would be foolish to save the money and go the imported route.  This general assumption does not always hold true however, and Geometric Innovations strives to provide our customers with the highest quality product regardless of whether it is domestically produced or imported.

When considering the use of exotic woods we are often limited to imports as most of the species do not grow in America.  We strive to purchase responsibly harvested wood.

America has a long tradition of forestry stewardship and the majority of the forests harvested in America are replanted so as to provide a supply of wood and wood products for future use.